MVRDV - US Premiere and tour dates announced for "Under Tomorrow's Sky"

US Premiere and tour dates announced for "Under Tomorrow's Sky"


Under Tomorrow's Sky, Jan Louter's documentary that follows MVRDV founding partner Winy Maas over the course of two years, will receive its US premiere on September 29th as part of the Architecture and Design Film Festival in New York. Over the following five months, the film will be shown in five other cities and eventually online, completing an extensive tour as part of the Film Festival.

The film offers an intimate look at a person who works passionately to create the city of the future – through buildings and urban plans all over the world, as well as through investigations with students and researchers. The viewer is treated to glamourous building openings such as that of the Imprint nightclub in Seoul, in the presence of celebrities like the American artist Jeff Koons. The film also shows the “raw” side of the profession, from consultations with students to client presentations and internal meetings; the obstacles and the tough negotiations that are sometimes necessary to get innovative designs realised.

Under Tomorrow's Sky is therefore a candid, open-hearted documentary about the highs and lows of the profession, the broad and the narrow, the visionary and the practical, and shows the architect as he is rarely seen.

"If you ask me to say in short what my film about, my answer is this: Under Tomorrow’s Sky is a truly honest documentary about a passionate architect who allowed us to film behind the scenes, and who sees it as his mission to find visionary solutions towards the city of the future", says the film's director Jan Louter. "After screenings at several prestigious film festivals like IFFR in Rotterdam and getting some awards for best documentary in Berlin and Toronto, Under Tomorrow’s Sky will have its USA premiere at the Architecture & Design Film Festival in New York on September 29th. I’m very pleased and honoured, and I hope the film is similarly well-received in the USA.”

The dates and locations of the various incarnations of the Architecture and Design Film Festival are:

    Sept 28-Oct 2, 2022 (Cinepolis Chelsea)
  • ADFF:Toronto
    Nov 2-5, 2022 (TIFF bell lightbox theatre)
  • ADFF:Vancouver
    Nov 9-12, 2022 (VIFF Center)
    Jan 19-22, 2023 (Helms Bakery in Culver City)
    Jan 26-29, 2023 (National Building Museum)
  • ADFF:Chicago
    Feb 2-5, 2023 (Chicago Architecture Foundation)
    Feb 8-17, 2023 (all of the US and Canada)

For screening times, visit the ADFF website here.
Read more about the documentary here.