MVRDV - Almere Floriade 2022 viaducts under construction

Almere Floriade 2022 viaducts under construction

The Viaducts of Almere Floriade are now under construction, an exciting development for Almere Floriade 2022, the grid of gardens that will in future occupy the 45ha peninsula.

The widening of the A6 is used to create a maximum landscape
experience of the motorway and surroundings. In line with the
objectives and spatial starting points of the Floriade and Almere
Growing Green Cities will be all parts of the motorway landscape on one natural, green way. That means: overgrown embankments and verges will be populated with grasses and flowers.

Three new viaducts in the area form crucial connections between Almere Stad and Almere Haven. These connections will continue through car traffic and bus lanes, as well as cyclists and pedestrians. 

The Horticultural Expo and the future city centre is set to become a place that produces its own food and energy. A green, urban district demonstrating how plants, and indeed nature itself, enriches every aspect of our daily lives.